[dpdk-announce] DPDK 17.02 released

Thomas Monjalon thomas.monjalon at 6wind.com
Tue Feb 14 23:41:35 CET 2017

A new major release is available:

It has been a busy cycle considering the various holidays:
	849 patches from 101 authors
	655 files changed, 141527 insertions(+), 10539 deletions(-)

There are 41 new contributors
(including authors, reviewers and testers):
Thanks to Alan Dewar, Aleksander Gajewski, Anand B Jyoti, Anders Roxell,
Andrew Lee, Andrew Rybchenko, Andy Moreton, Artem Andreev, Aws Ismail,
Baruch Siach, Bert van Leeuwen, Chenghu Yao, Christian Maciocco,
Emmanuel Roullit, Hanoch Haim, Ilya V. Matveychikov, Ivan Malov,
Jacek Piasecki, Jan Wickbom, Karla Saur, Kevin Traynor, Kuba Kozak,
Lei Yao, Mark Spender, Matthieu Ternisien d'Ouville, Michał Mirosław,
Patrick MacArthur, Robert Stonehouse, Satha Rao, Shahaf Shuler,
Steve Shin, Timmons C. Player, Tom Crugnale, Xieming Katty, Yaron Illouz,
Yi Zhang, Yong Wang, Yoni Gilad, Yuan Peng, Zbigniew Bodek, Zhaoyan Chen.

These new contributors are associated with these domain names:
6wind.com, atendesoftware.pl, brocade.com, caviumnetworks.com, ciena.com,
cisco.com, ericsson.com, gmail.com, huawei.com, intel.com, linaro.org,
mellanox.com, netronome.com, oktetlabs.ru, patrickmacarthur.net,
radcom.com, redhat.com, rere.qmqm.pl, sandvine.com, solarflare.com,
spirent.com, tkos.co.il, zte.com.cn.

Some highlights:
	- new ethdev API for hardware filtering
	- Solarflare networking driver
	- ARM crypto driver
	- crypto scheduler driver
	- crypto performance test application
	- Elastic Flow Distributor library
	- virtio-user/kernel-vhost as exception path

More details in the release notes:

The new features for the 17.05 cycle must be submitted before the end
of February, in order to be reviewed and integrated during March.
The next release is expected to happen at the beginning of May.

Thanks everyone

PS: there is no special name or alias for the DPDK versions though this
one could be named Valentine, or Aurelie for love dedication ;)

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