[dpdk-announce] release 18.05 delayed

Thomas Monjalon thomas at monjalon.net
Mon Apr 23 03:59:57 CEST 2018


Please find an update of the release status, inline below.

13/04/2018 00:01, Thomas Monjalon:
> The integration deadline is passed by one week, and the first
> release candidate is still far from being ready.
> This time it is really, really late.
> We will try to do this RC1 on the 20th of April, but no guarantee.

.. no guarantee, indeed.
There are 742 patches in master, 56 in next-net, 68 in next-crypto,
and a lot more not yet merged.
List of remaining significant patches for RC1:

missing in next-net
	- runtime queue setup
	- new VXLAN and MPLS tunnels
	- generic IP/UDP tunnel offloads
	- tunnel encap/decap
	- flow API related fixes
	- flow API overhaul for switch offloads
	- rte_flow extension for vSwitch
	- switching devices representation
missing in master:
	- secondary vdev
	- replace calls to rte_panic
	- control threads
	- symbolic log levels
	- devargs cleanup
	- device querying
	- mbuf external
	- mempool bucket driver

> Then we may have a lot of new drivers or features to integrate
> in the next release candidate. So we need to plan two weeks of work
> before releasing the RC2 around the 4th of May, which was the date
> initially targeted for the release 18.05.

List of major patches for RC2:
	- compressdev
	- DPAA2 QDMA raw driver
	- DPAA2 Command Interface raw driver
	- Hyper-V bus and NetVSC PMD
	- Intel FPGA
	- BPF

> Usually we need two more weeks of bug fixing in RC3 and RC4,
> and few more days of validation before the release.
> It means the release will happen on the 23rd of May in the "best case".
> During this time, we need everybody's help to finish the reviews.

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