[dpdk-announce] git repository for DPDK on Windows

Thomas Monjalon thomas at monjalon.net
Wed Feb 28 21:08:36 CET 2018

According to the Technical Board approval today,
the repository to prepare the port of DPDK to Microsoft Windows
is open on dpdk.org:

The maintainer of this repository is Jason Messer.

Good luck for the next steps of this major work!

19/02/2018 19:02, Jason Messer:
> Sent: Friday, February 16, 2018 10:52 AM
> Subject: Request to create a draft repo for Windows DPDK Patches
> Hello -
> As we reported at the DPDK Summit in November, we have brought support for several of the DPDK core libraries as well as a UIO driver for use on Windows. While there is still work to do (outlined below) we are requesting a draft repo be created to continue this work more openly in the community and to provide a forum to address any technical concerns. 
> We expect the initial commit for this draft repo (branch tentatively named windpdk-v17.11-rc2) to include the following libraries. 
> - librte_bus_pci
> - librte_cmdline
> - librte_distributor
> - librte_eal
> - librte_ether
> - librte_hash
> - librte_kvargs
> - librte_lpm
> - librte_mbuf
> - librte_mempool
> - librte_mempool_ring
> - librte_pci
> - librte_pmd_i40e (Intel PMD for Fortville NICs)
> - librte_ring
> Additionally, these two toy applications are building and running correctly:
> - l2fwd
> - l3fwd
> Note: code is currently based on v17.11 release but we plan to quickly rebase so that we are current with the latest 18.02 release and eventually in-sync with upstream. 
> Outstanding Issues:
> - Confirm DPDK libraries and UIO driver build correctly with Clang on windows
> - Update Visual Studio projects / solutions to reference clang compiler (currently expects ICC)
> - [Tangential] Make DPDK C-Standards Compliant to not require specific GNU/GCC extensions
> - Clean-up code and refactor to remove as many #ifdefs as possible
> - Bring remaining DPDK core libraries to Windows and confirm
> - Integrate with Meson build tool suite
> Thanks,
> Jason

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