[dpdk-announce] release candidate 18.02-rc1

Thomas Monjalon thomas at monjalon.net
Mon Jan 22 03:02:34 CET 2018

A new DPDK release candidate is ready for testing:

Special attention was paid to not break the ABI in this release.
It means 18.02 could replace 17.11 without rebuilding the applications.
However it is advised to keep using 17.11 LTS for long term deployments.

The release notes are not complete yet:
Some highlights:
	- new license header (SPDX tag)
	- bbdev (Wireless Base Band) device class
	- ethdev probe notifications and port ownership
	- Hyper-V platform driver
	- AVF (Adaptive Virtual Function) ethdev driver
	- IPsec offload in DPAA
	- DPAA eventdev driver
	- OPDL (Ordered Packet Distribution Library) eventdev driver

Some features may be integrated in 18.02-rc2:
	- rawdev
	- hotplug events API
	- AMD drivers
	- meson build system

Some planned features are postponed to 18.05:
	- meter profile
	- new devargs syntax
	- multi-process channel
	- dynamic memory management
	- VF representor
	- vhost-pci
	- virtio-crypto

The planned release date for 18.02 is in two weeks.
We are very short in time. It will be probably a bit late,
but most changes must be done before the Chinese New Year holidays.

Please start testing and fixing bugs now.
When finding a new bug, please report it on bugzilla:

Thank you everyone

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