[dpdk-ci] Dashboard Graphs

Jeremy Plsek jplsek at iol.unh.edu
Tue Nov 20 17:04:50 CET 2018

Hi all,

Based on the discussion in the meeting today, these are the following
changes we will be making to the graphs:

- Remove right hand side cumulative graphs
- Add units (Mpps delta)
- Add explanation to the graphs (The plot contains the delta points over time)
- Make the titles more readable
- Make sure that members can sign into Grafana and make their own graphs

Most of these items should be done today.

The query for the graphs were also asked for, which is:

  UNIX_TIMESTAMP(timestamp) as time_sec,
  difference as value,
  'difference' as value
from results_testrun
  inner join results_tarball on results_testrun.tarball_id = results_tarball.id
  inner join results_testresult on results_testresult.run_id =
  and results_testrun.environment_id='7'
  and timestamp is not null;

(The database being used is a duplicate database that only contains
public results, which gets synced once a day.)

Jeremy Plsek
UNH InterOperability Laboratory

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