[dpdk-ci] Patch apply issue

Zhang, XuemingX xuemingx.zhang at intel.com
Thu Jul 9 05:47:42 CEST 2020

Hi Ajit Khaparde:

When test this series (10866), they already merged in  dpdk-next-net-brcm( commit id: 3fc1e621b5d4d8b41833706) , so it report apply failed.

Commit info:

commit 3fc1e621b5d4d8b418337067fe8a0b25b7c96844
Author: Lance Richardson <lance.richardson at broadcom.com<mailto:lance.richardson at broadcom.com>>
Date:   Tue Jul 7 15:22:25 2020 -0700

net/bnxt: add ARM64 vector support

[dpdk-test-report] |FAILURE| pw(73478) [v5, 3/3] net/bnxt: add ARM64 vector support

report url: http://mails.dpdk.org/archives/test-report/2020-July/142600.html

[cid:image001.jpg at 01D655E6.BF1C4BB0]

From: ci <ci-bounces at dpdk.org<mailto:ci-bounces at dpdk.org>> On Behalf Of Ajit Khaparde
Sent: Thursday, July 9, 2020 2:07 AM
To: ci at dpdk.org<mailto:ci at dpdk.org>
Subject: [dpdk-ci] Patch apply issue

I applied the new set of patches [1] to the master branch of
dpdk-next-net-brcm tree. And I don't see any issues. But I can't tell
why we are seeing the apply error on the DPDK CI dashboard [2].

Can you please take a look?


[1] https://patchwork.dpdk.org/project/dpdk/list/?series=10866
[2] https://lab.dpdk.org/results/dashboard/patchsets/11915/

I checked out the latest dpdk-next-net and then applied the patchset.
It applied cleanly this time as well.
Can this happen if the code on the server is stale?

C02VPB22HTD6:dpdk-next-brcm akhaparde$ git fetch dpdk-next
C02VPB22HTD6:dpdk-next-brcm akhaparde$ git checkout dpdk-next/master
HEAD is now at df6bf616e app/testpmd: support query RSS config in flow query
C02VPB22HTD6:dpdk-next-brcm akhaparde$ git am ~/Downloads/net-bnxt-vector-mode-enhancements-2.patch
Applying: net/bnxt: disable vector receive for mark action
Applying: net/bnxt: support Rx/Tx burst mode info
Applying: net/bnxt: add ARM64 vector support
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