[dpdk-ci] July 30, 2020 - Community CI Meeting Minutes

Lincoln Lavoie lylavoie at iol.unh.edu
Thu Jul 30 16:53:52 CEST 2020

July 30, 2020
1. Lincoln Lavoie
2. Bradon Lo
3. David Liu
4. Juraj Linkes
5. Trishan de Lanerolle
6. Thomas Monjalon
7. Daniel Kirichok
8. Owen Hilyard
9. Ruifeng Wang
10. Tomax Zawadzki
11. Zhaoyan Chen
12. Gal Cohen
1. CI Status
2. Test Development
3. Any other business
CI Status
* Travis
   * Bug 508 - Missing Reports from Travis CI - Aaron was looking into this.
   * Robot scripts are partly integrated, Aaron is planning to complete
this work next week, because he was pulled into other higher priority items
(i.e. the day job).
* UNH-IOL Community Lab
   * Mellanox Tuning / Upgrades (BUG-504) - Having started the upgrade on
DTS.  Ali did some performance tuning on the system.  System is currently
in production.
   * Broadcom 100G Upgrade (BUG-489) - tests are working/running, will be
enabled in production CI environment soon.
   * Arm system install (BUG-408) - Hardware is almost ready to ship, need
to deal with some logistics, policies, and trade items.
   * Functional testing (i.e. DTS development output) - moving onto
Broadcom systems, followed by Mellanox systems. Some tests are running on
the Broadcom system now, but not in production yet. Functional testing is
already running on the Intel systems now.
* Intel
   * No known issues at this time
* General
   * Bug 210 - Patches with dependency fails to apply
      * Script needs to be created to parse the header / tags, which will
likely be a wrapper of the git-pw.
   * Bug 511 - Add check if performance tests are needed
      * Added some ideas to the bug, need a volunteer to help develop the
proposed script and categories.
   * Bug 497 - Reporting format per patchset
Test Development
* DPDK has 146 maintainers, according to the project.  Concern raised that
only 2 maintainers regularly attend the CI meetings.  Participation is
needed to help set priorities in the testing.
   * Idea to create a blog post about the current CI efforts and
accomplishments to help highlight the topic to the community.  Lincoln will
create a draft of the blog by mid-next week.
* DTS Development
   * DTS Patchworks: https://patchwork.dpdk.org/project/dts/list/
   * DTS Bugtracker:
   * Completed features
      * MTU Update
      * Basic stats
      * Speed Capabilities
      * Checksum offload checks
      * Multicast Mac Filtering
   * New Feature Tests
      * Submitted to DTS as patches
         * L3 and L4 Checksum Offload (NOT MERGED)
         * Multicast mac address filter (NOT MERGED)
         * RSS Key Update (NOT MERGED)
         * MTU Update patch (NOT MERGED)
      * In Progress
         * Idem with Multicast Packets - In development, no issues, etc.
         * Speed Capabilities - Pending updates to testpmd (BUG-496), just
keeping here to track status, etc.
         * Linux Kernel Module Testing (VFIO, UIO) - Looking into what is
possible to verify from user space to verify non-privileged functionality,
suggestions welcome
   * Additional Work
      * Progress toward verification of the implementation status of all of
the test cases.  37 test cases are confirmed working in the development
environment.   Note, this number also includes UNH submitted cases above.
Some existing tests (Link Status) use “ifconfig” which is “EOL” compared to
“ip link”.  Should these instances be changed in DTS, etc?
      * Deployment of DTS tests to bare-metal systems in UNH Community CI
lab.  Brandon is working on expanding DTS functional testing to Broadcom
and Mellanox. This will add both MTU update and stats checks first, then
expanding to the other working cases
   * Community Requests
      * Patch review for our open test cases - provide feedback on
submitted patches, so we can get things merged
      * High priority features to add test suites or test cases for, and
which ones have existing test suites to build upon:
         * Did a quick review of the missing / broken features to set
         * Next larger feature could be around building development plans
for rte-flow drivers.  Items (things you can change in the packet), actions
(move a packet to flow).
         * Confirmed crypto-dev, virtio and other classes for next year,
      * Any features that we should ignore due to lack of use or support
Any other business
* New SPDK release this / next week - will drive a request to change the
branches, Tomasz will provide details when things are ready.
* Next Meeting: August 13, 2020, 9am EDT
   * Inviting folks: Email individuals, contacting the boards (tech /

*Lincoln Lavoie*
Senior Engineer, Broadband Technologies
21 Madbury Rd., Ste. 100, Durham, NH 03824
lylavoie at iol.unh.edu
+1-603-674-2755 (m)
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