[dpdk-ci] Failures reported by Intel CI for series 10551

Chen, Zhaoyan zhaoyan.chen at intel.com
Tue Jun 30 07:59:51 CEST 2020

Hi all,

I have updated the info for this issue in bugzilla.

We have re-built the patchset. It was passed. The root cause is that patches in the  series are disorder by patchid. (patch 7/9 and patch 8/9). Usually, we apply patches by the order of patch id in a series. 

Why the issue is exposed this time?

Meet 2 conditions,
- the patches are disorder in the series
- the disordered patches are modified same file

- Change applying patch order by patch date, rather than patch id in patchwork.
But we don't know if patch date is unique and ordered for each patch in the series. 
We need patchwork document to confirm. So far, its good.

For Thomas' suggestion, "sending the series report only on the last patch of the series", currently, I find all reports iol-* are sent to the first patch in the series. Shall we align? and shall we get feedback from all maintainers or developers in the community?

Zhaoyan Chen

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> 26/06/2020 09:43, David Marchand:
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> > > Hi, David,
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> > > For your question, "Is it normal to see all patches with the exact same
> test report?"
> > > Yes, we always test a series, rather than a single patch. You can
> > > see the exact same report on any patch in a series. (it's
> > > convenient, you don't need backward to search the header of the
> > > series, then check result)
> >
> > Convenience is subject to interpretation :-).
> > Other CI systems send a single report which is more sane for me.
> I think these tests have 2 purposes:
> 	- sending quick error feedback to the author
> 	- check that all is green before merging In both cases we don't
> need to have the same report duplicated, because we check for failures in
> all patches anyway.
> I suggest sending the series report only on the last patch of the series.

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