[dpdk-dev] regarding KNI

cr singh cr.singh200 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 2 10:32:29 CET 2014

hello devs,

I am using DPDK 1.5.0 and trying to use KNI interface to measure throughput
through it

I have machine with 2 lcores and 2 physical interface, and in running kni
sample application --config parameter we are supposed to give
1)port no,
3)lcore_tx, right?

so can it be possible to give same lcore no. for both ports, like

kni -c 0x3 -n 4 -- -P -p 0x3 --config"(0,0,1),(1,0,1)"

As i have tried and after running this two interface vEth0 and vEth1 is
created, but when i am giving ip with ifconfig to vEth1 then it is showing
the below message ...

SIOCSIFFLAGS: Timer expired,

while i am able to bring up the the vEth0 interface successfully.

i am pasting some details which prints while running the application ...

Checking link status
Port 0 Link Up - speed 1000 Mbps - full-duplex
Port 1 Link Up - speed 1000 Mbps - full-duplex
APP: Lcore 1 is writing to port 0
APP: Lcore 0 is reading from port 0

and here in last two line Lcore 1 and Lcore 0 is writting and reading for
port 0 and may be therefore i am able to bring up the vEth0. and there is
no core for port 1 so it is failing.


So my question is why can't we use same lcores for reading and writing  for
both ports, does DPDK restricts using same lcores for 2 ports (as it
seems), and if so, then why??

Thanks in advance

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