[dpdk-dev] send/receive L2 packets from SR-IOV ports using l2fwd-vf

Jayakumar, Muthurajan muthurajan.jayakumar at intel.com
Sat Jan 11 06:13:53 CET 2014


You are right. 

>From 1.3 release, the L2 Forwarding sample application (chapter 8.0 in 1.3 DPDK Sample Application User Guide) indicates that L2fwd and L2fwd-vf have been merged into one L2 sample application example.

(The Sample Application guide introduction referring the merge)

The L2 Forwarding sample application is a simple example of packet processing using Intel(r) Data Plane Development Kit (Intel(r) DPDK) which also takes advantage of Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) features in a virtualized environment.
Note: Please note that previously a separate L2 Forwarding in Virtualized Environments sample application was used, however, in later Intel(r) DPDK versions these sample applications have been merged

M Jay

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I found that it used to have l2fwd-vf in DPDK 1.2.3 release (
But in the next release 1.3.1, that directory is gone. Does that mean it is merged to some other tool ? Which tool can I use to send/receive L2 traffic from SR-IOV ports.

In DPDK 1.3.1r2, to use use SR-IOV ports, should I use l2fwd-vf from 1.2.3 release or simply use l2fwd ?



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