[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v2] app/testpmd: fix RSS by setting mq_mode

Maxime Leroy maxime.leroy at 6wind.com
Tue Jan 14 18:42:49 CET 2014


Thanks for your patch fixing the regression introduced by my commit
(igb/ixgbe: ETH_MQ_RX_NONE should disable RSS).

I have one comment about your fix. I don't think there are any reasons
to not enable RSS with only one RX queue in testpmd.

RSS is mainly used in testpmd to spread traffic on the different rx queues.
But you can use RSS with one rx queue for debbugging purpose.
For example, you can use the rxonly forward engine of the testpmd to display
the RSS hash. (see pkt_burst_receive in app/test-pmd/rxonly.c)

An other issue about not enabling RSS with 1 queue, when you use the command
show_rss_key in the testpmd, this one will display that the RSS is enabled.
(because rss_hf != 0; see port_rss_hash_conf_show function in

Do you agree with my analyze ?


Maxime Leroy

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