[dpdk-dev] Sending & Receiving Packets

Sharma, RishiX rishix.sharma at intel.com
Mon Jan 20 19:31:35 CET 2014

Hi Keith,

Just to give you the background .I need to test the packet throughput performance of one of my device using DPDK .

The DUT is connected to my Linux host machine with one of the port and I want to run the Pktgen on my host machine to send the packets to the DUT where DPDK (Testpmd app) is running in fwd rx_only mode.I have setup one of the network port as igb_uio port and using it .

I'm able to compile and run the pktgen with start all but I don't know how to configure the pktgen to send packets to DUT.

I want to know the steps and exact commands required to send packets to my DUT .


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