[dpdk-dev] KNI with multiple rxq/freeqs

Chao Pei peichao85 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 22 04:49:39 CET 2014

    Currently we are using run-to-complete model with multiple workers in
our project. there is also a KNI running with a fixed ip address. However,
a packet with a destination IP of the KNI may go to any worker that owns a
rxq of the physical NIC(without Flow Director). So all the workers have to
enqueue the packets to the same rxq of the KNI. Which may cause a
performance issue.
    I think it's necessary to have multiple rxq/freeqs for KNI, so that
each worker can have its own rxq/freeq. As for txq/allocq, it does not have
the issue I mentioned above.

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