[dpdk-dev] Rx-errors with testpmd (only 75% line rate)

Robert Sanford rsanford at prolexic.com
Wed Jan 22 21:38:12 CET 2014

Hi Michael,

> What can I do to trace down this problem?

May I suggest that you try to be more selective in the core masks on the
command line. The test app may choose some cores from "other" CPU sockets.
Only enable cores of the one socket to which the NIC is attached.

> It seems very similar to a
> thread on this list back in May titled "Best example for showing
> throughput?" where no resolution was ever mentioned in the thread.

After re-reading *that* thread, it appears that their problem may have been
trying to achieve ~40 Gbits/s of bandwidth (2 ports x 10 Gb Rx + 2 ports x
10 Gb Tx), plus overhead, over a typical dual-port NIC whose total bus
bandwidth is a maximum of 32 Gbits/s (PCI express 2.1 x8).


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