[dpdk-dev] pktgen offload checksum flag not able to make it work with pacp packets.

Wiles, Roger Keith keith.wiles at windriver.com
Fri Jan 24 20:44:43 CET 2014

I have not enabled that feature myself, but I would expect it to work as long as the hardware does. What does the docs say about enabling hardware offload support? Did you look at the following files:

ip_reassembly/ipv4_rsmbl.h:     m->ol_flags |= PKT_TX_IP_CKSUM;
ipv4_frag/rte_ipv4_frag.h:              out_pkt->ol_flags |= PKT_TX_IP_CKSUM;


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On Jan 24, 2014, at 12:54 PM, Banashankar KV <banveerad at gmail.com<mailto:banveerad at gmail.com>> wrote:

I was modifying a packet in pktgen_pcap_mbuf_ctor()
and after modifying I wanted to offload the checksum calculation to h/w
so I am setting these flags in pktgen_pcap_mbuf_ctor function.

m->pkt.vlan_macip.f.l2_len = sizeof(struct ether_hdr);
m->pkt.vlan_macip.f.l3_len = sizeof(struct ipv4_hdr);

m->ol_flags = PKT_TX_IP_CKSUM

I even tried with setting .txq_flags = 0 in rte_eth_txconf struct in pktgen.c.

But still not able to get the h/w checksum. Am I missing anything ?


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