[dpdk-dev] are these bypass api supported on Intel Bandon Beach card : of device id : 8086:155d

Sharath sharathjm.bharadwaj at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 12:36:37 CET 2014


we are using DPDK 1.5.1_7.
our PCI slot has Intel Bandon Beach NIC.

Can anyone please let me know, whether the below api's are supported in the
NIC type [8086:155d]

int rte_eth_dev_bypass_init (uint8_t port)

* int rte_eth_dev_bypass_state_show (uint8_t port, uint32_t _state)

* int rte_eth_dev_bypass_state_set (uint8_t port, uint32_t _new_state)

* int rte_eth_dev_bypass_event_show (uint8_t port, uint32_t event, uint32_t

* int rte_eth_dev_bypass_event_store (uint8_t port, uint32_t event,
uint32_t state)

* int rte_eth_dev_bypass_ver_show (uint8_t port, uint32_t _ver)

* int rte_eth_dev_bypass_wd_timeout_show (uint8_t port,


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