[dpdk-dev] Which vmxnet3 pmd is to be used in dpdk 1.6.x?

David Marchand david.marchand at 6wind.com
Wed Mar 5 16:10:53 CET 2014

Hello Prashant,

On Wed, Mar 5, 2014 at 3:28 PM, Prashant Upadhyaya <
prashant.upadhyaya at aricent.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am also keen to know the answer to the question posted by Srini.
> The real question is -- is dpdk1.6.0r1 self-sufficient so that I don't
> need any extensions etc., or do I still need something from outside like
> the usermap kernel driver etc.
> Secondly, if I turn on all the debug options for the vmxnet3 pmd in the
> config file, 1.6.0r1 compilation runs into a problem and reports a function
> which is defined but not used.

Can you send your build error ? (maybe in a separate thread ?)

> I am trying to bring up DPDK inside Fedora18 Guest on ESXi -- when I used
> DPDK1.6.0r1 (without debug options turned on for vmxnet3 pmd) the igb_uio
> could take over the vmxnet3 NIC but I encountered a core dump in the dev
> init function for the vmxnet3 driver -- anybody encountered a similar issue
> ?

I encountered these problems as well.

- igb_uio module does not check if you disable vmxnet3-uio pmds, it will
always try to take over vmxnet3 devices.
I have a patch waiting in my working dir to cleanly disable vmxnet3-uio pmd.

- If you don't bind vmxnet3 devices to uio, but forget to enable
vmxnet3-usermap pmd (by specifiying -d librte_pmd_vmxnet3.so), then
internal vmxnet3-uio pmd will try to initialise and crash.
I did not look any deeper into this, the easiest way is to disable
vmxnet3-uio pmd + apply the patch I will send in a few minutes, as a first

David Marchand

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