[dpdk-dev] Error : dereferencing pointer to incomplete type......

sabu kurian sabu2kurian at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 09:21:44 CET 2014

Hello friends,

I get a error like "dereferencing pointer to incomplete type", when I try
to fill in the IPv4 headers.

Below is the code snippet:

struct ether_hdr *ehdr = rte_pktmbuf_mtod(m_pool, struct ether_hdr *);

struct ipv4_hdr *iphdr = (struct ipv4_hdr *)(&ehdr[1]);

iphdr->packet_id = (uint16_t)0x0001; //This gives error.

rte_bswap16(iphdr->packet_id,0x0001); //This format also gives the same

And also what is the best way to copy an 8 bit (1 byte) value for fields
like 'type_of_service' ? will rte_memcpy() work for it ?

Thanks in advance....

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