[dpdk-dev] Intel 82599 tx_conf setting

Jeff Shaw jeffrey.b.shaw at intel.com
Wed Nov 5 16:48:19 CET 2014

On Wed, Nov 05, 2014 at 09:43:43AM +0900, Gyumin wrote:
> Hi
> I've read the Intel 82599 official manual and I found that optimal 
> PTHRESH is the tx descriptor buffer size - N (N is CPU cache line 
> divided by 16).

This is sometimes true, but not always.  I believe you are referring
to section " Transmit Descriptor Fetch and Write-back Settings"
in the datasheet.  You'll see the PTHRESH, HTHRESH, and WTHRESH parameters
should be tuned to for your workload. You should try a few combinations
of parameters (starting with the defaults) to see which is really optimal
for your application.

> 1. I guess the size of the tx descriptor buffer is 128. Isn't it right?
>    Where is the size of the tx descriptor buffer in the official manual?

The wording in the manual may be a bit confusing. You will see the manual
refers to the "on-chip descriptor buffer size".  This is where the NIC
stores descriptors which were fetched from the actual descriptor ring in
host memory.  Section " Transmit Descriptor Ring" states that the
size of the on-chip descriptor buffer size per queue is 40.

> 2. What it means that the TX_PTHRESH=36 in the testpmd.c?
>    If the size of tx descriptor buffer is 128 then optimal thresholds 
> to minimize latency are pthresh=4(cache line / 16), hthresh=0 and 
> wthresh=0. Is there something I missed?

Since the on-chip descriptor buffer size is 40, it is clear that we have
chosen reasonable defaults since 40 minus 4 is 36. I recommend you test
a few different values to see how these parameters impact the performance
characteristics of your workload.

> Thanks.
You're welcome.


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