[dpdk-dev] UDP Checksum

Alex Markuze alex at weka.io
Thu Nov 6 17:05:28 CET 2014

I'm seeing "UDP: bad checksum." messages(dmesg) for packets sent by my dpdk
app to a socket on a remote machine.
Looking at the packets the scum value is set, its just not what wireshark

When sending I'm setting these fields in the egress packets.

        pkt->pkt.vlan_macip.f.l2_len = sizeof(struct ether_hdr);

        pkt->pkt.vlan_macip.f.l3_len = sizeof(struct ipv4_hdr);

        pkt->ol_flags |= (PKT_TX_IP_CKSUM | PKT_TX_L4_MASK);

I'm working with a 82599 VF.

Any thoughts? I'm not sure what else to check.

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