[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v6 00/22] Support flow director programming on Fortville

Jingjing Wu jingjing.wu at intel.com
Fri Nov 21 01:46:34 CET 2014

The patch set supports flow director on fortville.
It includes:
 - set up/tear down fortville resources to support flow director, such as queue and vsi.
 - support operation to add or delete 8 flow types of the flow director filters, they are ipv4, tcpv4, udpv4, sctpv4, ipv6, tcpv6, udpv6, sctpv6.
 - support flushing flow director table (all filters).
 - support operation to get flow director information.
 - match status statistics, FD_ID report.
 - support operation to configure flexible payload and its mask
 - support flexible payload involved in comparison and flex bytes report.
v2 changes:
 - create real fdir vsi and assign queue 0 pair to it.
 - check filter status report on the rx queue 0
v3 changes:
 - redefine filter APIs to support multi-kind filters
 - support sctpv4 and sctpv6 type flows
 - support flexible payload involved in comparison
v4 changes:
 - strip the filter APIs definitions from this patch set
 - extend mbuf field to support flex bytes report.
 - fix typos.
v5 changes:
 - redefine structure rte_eth_fdir_info
 - add doxygen comments about flexible payload and mbuf extend
 - fix typos

v6 changes:
 - extend structure rte_eth_fdir_info
 - move the flex payload and mask setting from filter_ctrl api
   to i40e_fdir_configure when start device
 - change the structure for flex payload and mask setting, and
   add verification of those arguments before HW setting is taken.
 - change flexpayloads from words to bytes format
 - add two more flow_types
 - organize duplicate code lines to macro or function
 - add and correct doxygen comments
 - fix the merging error in v5

Jingjing Wu (22):
  i40e: set up and initialize flow director
  i40e: tear down flow director
  i40e: initialize flexible payload setting
  ethdev: define structures for adding/deleting flow director
  i40e: define functions for transition between flow_type and pctype
  i40e: implement operations to add/delete flow director
  testpmd: add test commands to add/delete flow director filter
  i40e: match counter for flow director
  mbuf: extend fdir field
  i40e: report flow director match info to mbuf
  testpmd: print extended fdir info in mbuf
  i40e: implement operation to flush flow director table
  testpmd: add test command to flush flow director table
  ethdev: define structures for getting flow director information
  i40e: implement operations to get fdir info
  ethdev: define structures for getting flow director statistics
  i40e: implement operations to get fdir statistics
  testpmd: display fdir info
  ethdev: add flexible payload setting in eth_conf
  i40e: take flow director flexible payload configuration
  testpmd: add test command to configure flexible mask
  testpmd: add test command to configure flexible payload

 app/test-pmd/cmdline.c            |  644 ++++++++++++++++++
 app/test-pmd/config.c             |  202 +++++-
 app/test-pmd/rxonly.c             |   14 +-
 app/test-pmd/testpmd.h            |    5 +-
 lib/librte_ether/rte_eth_ctrl.h   |  279 +++++++-
 lib/librte_ether/rte_ethdev.h     |   11 +-
 lib/librte_mbuf/rte_mbuf.h        |   17 +-
 lib/librte_pmd_i40e/Makefile      |    2 +
 lib/librte_pmd_i40e/i40e_ethdev.c |  175 ++++-
 lib/librte_pmd_i40e/i40e_ethdev.h |   93 ++-
 lib/librte_pmd_i40e/i40e_fdir.c   | 1362 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 lib/librte_pmd_i40e/i40e_rxtx.c   |  207 +++++-
 12 files changed, 2965 insertions(+), 46 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 lib/librte_pmd_i40e/i40e_fdir.c


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