[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v8 0/7] link bonding

Thomas Monjalon thomas.monjalon at 6wind.com
Mon Nov 24 21:54:16 CET 2014

2014-11-24 16:33, Declan Doherty:
> v8:
> - Missing typo fix
> - Missing whitespace
> v7:
> - Fixes for checkpatch issues and typo fixes
> - Removed patch "test app: adding support for generating variable sized" as this
>   was already committed in commit aca4360340f169dcc11b1a9be955b44de8b9f6eb
> v6:
> - Re-based to dpdk.org addressing associated issues for MBUF_REFCNT
> - Added details to testpmd user guide for new command to set link status polling interval.
> v5:
> - Fix uninitialized variable in broadcast_tx_burst function which caused a
>   build error in 32-bit build
> - Address unit test issue which is exposed by new test in mode 4/5 patch sets
> v4:
> - Re-based to account for changes in master.
> - Fix for rte_eth_bond_slaves_get() introduced in v3 patch set
> - Addressed issue around disabling/enabling link status polling around adding/
>   removing slaves devices.
> v3 :
> - Typo fix for the bond free mbufs patch.
> - Re-based to account for changes in the mbuf patches.
> - Add support for slave devices which don't support link status interrupts 
> - Tidy up the link bonding unit test so that all tests use the new test macros.
> v2 :
> Addresses issues with the logic around the handling of fail transmissions.
> In this version all modes behave in a manner similar to a standard PMD,
> returning the number of successfully transmitted mbufs and with the failing
> mbufs at the end of bufs array for freeing / retransmission by the 
> application software
> v1:
> This patch set adds support for link status interrupt in the link bonding
> pmd. It also contains some patches to tidy up the code structure and to
> of the link bonding code and to fix bugs relating to transmission 
> failures in the under lying slave pmd which could lead to leaked mbufs. 
> Declan Doherty (7):
>   bond: link status interrupt support
>   bond: removing switch statement from rx burst method
>   bond: fix naming inconsistency in tx_burst_round_robin
>   bond: free mbufs if transmission fails in bonding tx_burst functions
>   testpmd: adding parameter to reconfig method to set socket_id when
>     adding new port to portlist
>   bond: lsc polling support
>   bond: unit test test macro refactor

Applied with some minor fixes.


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