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St Leger, Jim jim.st.leger at intel.com
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An update from the Intel team on our two vSwitch efforts and the move now to converge solely on the mainline community Open vSwitch project (now that ovs.org has adopted the DPDK acceleration model that was proven out via the 01.org "OVDK" project.)

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Today's Topics:

   1. Clarification on Intel Support for the Intel DPDK Accelerated
      Open vSwitch (OVDK) (Gray, Mark D)


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Subject: [Dpdk-ovs] Clarification on Intel Support for the Intel DPDK
	Accelerated Open vSwitch (OVDK)
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As part of its commitment to SDN and NFV, Intel is an active participant in several open source and open standards projects. Until recently, Intel made contributions to two virtual switch community projects: Open vSwitch (OVS) and Intel(r) DPDK Accelerated Open vSwitch (OVDK). OVDK successfully demonstrated the huge advantage of DPDK for data packet acceleration and today DPDK is well received for high performing virtual switches and routers. Now, with the capabilities of DPDK incorporated into the mainstream OVS project, Intel is ceasing investments around OVDK and instead focusing efforts around OVS with DPDK-netdev, and advancing hardware acceleration.


Can I still use OVDK?
Yes. However Intel is migrating to Open vSwitch version 2.4, which includes DPDK-netdev in user space (currently available as an experimental feature Open vSwitch version 2.3).

How long will Intel continue to maintain the OVDK project?
Maintenance, which includes integration of patches, nightly builds, mailing list support, and bug fixing on a best-effort basis, will continue until July 1, 2015. However, there will be no further enhancements, effective immediately.

What are intel plans for OVS?
Intel will focus its effort in advancing hardware acceleration when using OVS with DPDK-netdev 

Will Intel continue to make improvements to the DPDK?
Yes. Updates will be available in the DPDK download available at www.dpdk.org and incorporated into future Open vSwitch features. For more information about the DPDK, visit www.dpdk.org.  





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