[dpdk-dev] [dpdk-announce] release candidate 1.8.0-rc2

Thomas Monjalon thomas.monjalon at 6wind.com
Thu Nov 27 23:36:24 CET 2014

A new DPDK release candidate wait to be massively tested:

This is the first release candidate (rc1 was a first step to integrate some
important reworks). If everything goes well, the 1.8.0 release should be out
in 2 weeks.

Changelog (main changes since rc1)
	- fixes for:
		* ixgbe
		* i40e
		* virtio
		* vmxnet3
		* pcap
		* kni
		* Ubuntu
		* Fedora
		* FreeBSD
	- enhancements:
		* upgrade ixgbe base driver with X550 support
		* upgrade i40e base driver
		* TCP segmentation offload
		* bonding mode 4 & 5
		* default conf for each PMD
		* i40e configurable CRC stripping
		* i40evf RSS
		* i40e VXLAN
		* i40e mac vlan filter
		* i40e ethertype filter
		* i40e flow director
		* i40e link status interrupt
		* i40e VMDQ
		* Cisco VIC PMD
		* virtio promiscuous
		* vhost library
		* power management in KVM guest
		* IBM PowerPC support preview
		* unit test to measure cycles per packet
		* distributor example
		* skeleton application
		* option to list enabled lcores
		* option to set master lcore
		* some clean-up of EAL
		* documentation guides generated with sphinx

It's now time for stabilization, i.e test, fix but don't break it more ;)

Thank you all for making it great.

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