[dpdk-dev] DPDK2.1 (rc3 & rc4) major performance drop.

Weglicki, MichalX michalx.weglicki at intel.com
Tue Aug 11 12:40:08 CEST 2015


Currently I'm integrating OVS head with DPDK 2.1. Based on my tests performance in all scenarios (confirmed on Phy2Phy and Vhostuser) has dropped about 10%. Please find example results below:

PHY2PHY (Bidirectional)
DPDK 2.1:
Iteration 1: 14,164,987 pps
Iteration 2: 13,866,386 pps
Iteration 3: 14,093,153 pps
DPDK 2.0:
Iteration 1: 15,406,646 pps
Iteration 2: 15,410,182 pps
Iteration 3: 15,404,678 pps

DPDK 2.1:
Iteration 1: 3,328,678 pps
Iteration 2: 3,367,130 pps
Iteration 3: 3,259,899 pps
DPDK 2.0:
Iteration 1: 3,786,969 pps
Iteration 2: 3,736,117 pps
Iteration 3: 3,557,150 pps

Based on my test last commit where performance was the same was: 37f9a7270e800df5c603b2c76c73ed3bca3328d9
Bad commit: 1d493a49490fa90e09689d49280cff0d51d0193e

You can find diff in attachment.

Change is still compatible in OVS because in rte_pktmbuf_pool_init, NULL is passed as second argument.

Did anyone noticed such performance drop? Could anyone give me some information why this implementation has changed? Any hints how to get back to previous performance would be very appreciated.


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