[dpdk-dev] ieee1588fwd.c implementation

Stefan Binna stefan.binna at salzburgresearch.at
Wed Aug 12 18:41:41 CEST 2015

Hi John,

thanks for the quick response.

I don't understand how to implement ieee1588fwd. Is there any manual, 
sample application or similar available?
Or do I have to modify the testpmd.c file by myself? I don't really know 
how to implement the code available in ieee1588fwd.c.

Thanks, Stefan.

Am 12.08.2015 um 18:24 schrieb Mcnamara, John:
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>> Sent: Wednesday, August 12, 2015 5:01 PM
>> To: dev at dpdk.org
>> Subject: [dpdk-dev] ieee1588fwd.c implementation
>> I'm currently trying to implement the ieee1588fwd.c function into my
>> testpmd programm. I'm using DPDK-2.0.0.
>> Is there any installation guide for ieee1588fwd implementation, i.e. any
>> source code where the function is already implemented?
>> I already changed the CONFIG_RTE_LIBRTE_IEEE1588=y flag in the
>> configuration file and rebuilt the testpmd function.
> Hi Stefan,
> What exactly is the issue?
> John.

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