[dpdk-dev] [dpdk-announce] DPDK 2.1.0 released

Thomas Monjalon thomas.monjalon at 6wind.com
Mon Aug 17 23:53:01 CEST 2015

A new DPDK release can be downloaded here:

Every 4 months, a new release.
Every 4 months, more changes than before.
Once again, it is the biggest release ever.

Statistics for this release cycle:
	827 patches from 84 authors
	827 files changed, 131457 insertions(+), 25320 deletions(-)

One of the most interesting number of this release is the record of
54 *new* contributors (including authors, reviewers and testers):

Thanks to Alejandro Lucero, Alex Rosenbaum, Alin Rauta, Anbarasan Murugesan, 
Andrew Harvey, Andrey Chilikin, Bruce Liu, David Harton, Ding Zhi, 
Erik Ziegenbalg, Ferruh Yigit, Gaetan Rivet, Gilad Berman, Harish Patil, 
Hyun Yoo, James Davidson, Jan Blunck, Jan Viktorin, Jasvinder Singh, 
Jean Dao, Johan Faltstrom, Joongi Kim, Klaus Degner, Krishna Murthy, 
Kumar Sanghvi, Liang-Min Larry Wang, Li Wei, Luke Gorrie, Maryam Tahhan, 
Miguel Bernal Marin, Nelio Laranjeiro, Nikita Kozlov, Nitzan Weller, Or Ami, 
Peng Sun, Piotr Azarewicz, Rahul Lakkireddy, Raz Amir, Roman Dementiev, 
Sergey Balabanov, Shaopeng He, Shiweixian, Sotiris Salloumis, Tero Aho, 
Thomas Long, Wang Xiao W, Wenfeng Liu, Wenzhuo Lu, Xavier Simonart, 
Yuichi Nakai, Zhe Tao, Zhigang Lu, Zi Hu and Zoltan Kiss.

These new contributors are associated with these domain names:
6wind.com, allegro-packets.com, an.kaist.ac.kr, arraynetworks.com.cn,
brocade.com, chelsio.com, cisco.com, fujitsu.com, coriant.com, ecotelecom.ru,
elyzion.net, ericsson.com, ezchip.com, gmail.com, huawei.com, infradead.org,
intel.com, linaro.org, mellanox.com, netinsight.net, netronome.com,
qlogic.com, qq.com, rehivetech.com and snabb.co.

Changelog (main enhancements since 2.0.0):
	* memory size without hugepage
	* interrupt mode
	* check mbuf private area alignment
	* indirect mbuf cloning
	* packet type
	* memzone freeing
	* IEEE1588 timestamping
	* multicast filtering
	* flow director extension
	* hash key size
	* hotplug in BSD 
	* e1000 hotplug
	* e1000 82583V jumbo
	* igb dump
	* ixgbe base update
	* ixgbe hotplug
	* ixgbe LRO 
	* ixgbe vector offload extension
	* ixgbe dump
	* i40e base update
	* i40e hotplug
	* i40e port mirroring
	* i40e QinQ
	* fm10k hotplug
	* fm10k jumbo
	* fm10k promiscuous
	* fm10k mac vlan filtering
	* fm10k Tx checksum offload
	* mlx4 update
	* bnx2x driver
	* cxgbe driver
	* vmxnet3 vlan filtering
	* virtio hotplug
	* vhost migration
	* pcap jumbo
	* ring PMD hotplug
	* bonding hotplug
	* TILE-Gx architecture
	* HTM lock elision for x86 
	* jhash update
	* toeplitz hash
	* cuckoo hash
	* KNI optimization
	* KNI multicast
	* packet framework enhancements
	* cmdline polling mode
	* VXLAN example

New features for 2.2 cycle must be submitted before October.
Features properly reviewed and approved before October 23rd will be part of
the December release.

Hope you'll enjoy this summer release from a fast growing community!

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