[dpdk-dev] flow_director_filter error!!

Navneet Rao navneet.rao at oracle.com
Thu Aug 20 20:56:54 CEST 2015

Thanks John.

I am trying to setup/use the flow-director-filter on the i540.

-- When I try to setup the flow-director-filter as per the example, I am getting "bad arguments"!!!
     So decided to see if the flush command would work.

In the interim --- I am using ethertype filter to accomplish the following.
What I am trying to do is this --
Use 2 different i540 cards
Use the igb_uio driver.
Use the testpmd app.
Setup 5 different MAC-ADDRESSes on each port. (using the set mac_addr command)
Setup 5 different RxQs and TxQs on each port.
And then use the testpmd app to generate traffic..

I am assuming that the testpmd app will now send and receive traffic using the 5 different MAC_ADDRESSes..
On each port's receive I will now want to classify on the MAC-ADDRESS and steer the traffic to different queues.

Is there an example/reference on how to achieve this?

Next, I would want to do "classify" on "flexbytes" and send/steer the traffic to different queues using flow-director-filter.


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> After I start the testpmd app, I am flusing the flow_director_filter 
> settings and get the following error -
> testpmd> flush_flow_director 0
> PMD: ixgbe_fdir_flush(): Failed to re-initialize FD table.
> flow director table flushing error: (Too many open files in system)


Are you setting a flow director filter before flushing? If so, could you give an example.


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