[dpdk-dev] Traffic scheduling in DPDK

Singh, Jasvinder jasvinder.singh at intel.com
Mon Jan 4 16:55:54 CET 2016

Hi Uday,

> I have an issue in running qos_sched application in DPDK .Could someone tell
> me how to run the command  and what each parameter does In the below
> mentioned text.
> Application mandatory parameters:
>     --pfc "RX PORT, TX PORT, RX LCORE, WT LCORE" : Packet flow configuration
>            multiple pfc can be configured in command line

RX PORT - Specifies the packets receive port 
TX PORT - Specifies the packets transmit port 
RXCORE - Specifies the  Core used for Packet reception and Classification stage of the QoS application.
WTCORE-  Specifies the  Core used for Packet enqueue/dequeue operation (QoS scheduling)  and subsequently transmitting the packets out.

Multiple pfc  can be specified depending upon the number of instances of qos sched required in application.  For example- in order to run two instance, following can be used-

./build/qos_sched -c 0x7e -n 4 -- --pfc "0,1,2,3,4" --pfc "2,3,5,6" --cfg "profile.cfg"       

First instance of qos sched receives packets from port 0 and transmits its packets through port 1 ,while second qos sched will receives packets from port 2 and transmit through port 3. In case of single qos sched instance, following can be used-

./build/qos_sched -c 0x1e -n 4 -- --pfc "0,1,2,3,4" --cfg "profile.cfg"


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