[dpdk-dev] [PATCH] fix checkpatch errors

Xie, Huawei huawei.xie at intel.com
Tue Jan 5 17:20:12 CET 2016

On 1/5/2016 6:22 PM, Mcnamara, John wrote:
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>> From: Tan, Jianfeng
>> Sent: Tuesday, January 5, 2016 2:21 AM
>> To: Xie, Huawei; dev at dpdk.org
>> Cc: Mcnamara, John; Stephen Hemminger; Yuanhan Liu
>> Subject: RE: [PATCH] fix checkpatch errors
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>>> From: Xie, Huawei
>>> Sent: Monday, January 4, 2016 9:52 AM
>>> To: dev at dpdk.org
>>> Cc: Mcnamara, John; Tan, Jianfeng; Xie, Huawei
>>> Subject: [PATCH] fix checkpatch errors
>>> Signed-off-by: Huawei Xie <huawei.xie at intel.com>
>> ...
>>>  	mbuf_poolname_build(sock_id, pool_name, sizeof(pool_name));
>>> -	return (rte_mempool_lookup((const char *)pool_name));
>>> +	return rte_mempool_lookup((const char *)pool_name);
>> Hi Huawei,
>> Assume this patch is to solve below error (reported by checkpatch):
>> ERROR: return is not a function, parentheses are not required
>> So maybe above fix is not necessary? Involve more people to discuss.
>> And please include the error message in the commit message.
> Hi Huawei,
> The fix looks good and there was a similar patch applied previously for lib (from Ferruh):
>     6307b909b8e0 ("lib: remove extra parenthesis after return")
Oh yes, but no idea why Ferruh Yigit missed so many. I have greped the
pattern, so this patch should fix almost all of them.
> However, the commit message could be better. Maybe something like the above:
> "remove extra parentheses".
OK. Weird that my commit message gets lost again. Will send a new one.
> John

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