[dpdk-dev] [PATCH 1/4] ixgbe: support UDP tunnel add/del

Lu, Wenzhuo wenzhuo.lu at intel.com
Wed Jan 13 03:50:46 CET 2016

Hi Thomas,

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> Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2016 8:37 PM
> To: Lu, Wenzhuo <wenzhuo.lu at intel.com>
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> Subject: Re: [dpdk-dev] [PATCH 1/4] ixgbe: support UDP tunnel add/del
> Hi,
> 2016-01-11 08:28, Lu, Wenzhuo:
> > [Wenzhuo] The udp_tunnel_add and udp_tunnel_del have already existed.
> I just use them. Honestly I agree with you they are not accurate name. Better
> change them to udp_tunnel_port_add and udp_tunnel_port_del. But it
> should be a ABI change if I’m not wrong. I think we can announce it this
> release and change them in the next release. Would you agree?  Thanks.
> You can introduce the new name and keep the old one for backward compat
> while announcing its deprecation.
Good suggestion, I'll send a new patch set for this change. Thanks.

> Thanks

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