[dpdk-dev] [RFC v2 1/2] ethdev: add packet filter flow and new behavior switch to fdir

Wu, Jingjing jingjing.wu at intel.com
Thu Jan 14 09:48:17 CET 2016

Hi, Rahul

Just another thought, please consider about it:

Add a new flow type like

#define RTE_ETH_FLOW_IPV6_UDP_EX        17
+#define RTE_ETH_FLOW_RAW_PKT             18

Then add a new item in rte_eth_fdir_flow
union rte_eth_fdir_flow {
	struct rte_eth_l2_flow     l2_flow;
	struct rte_eth_udpv4_flow  udp4_flow;
	struct rte_eth_tcpv4_flow  tcp4_flow;
	struct rte_eth_sctpv4_flow sctp4_flow;
	struct rte_eth_ipv4_flow   ip4_flow;
	struct rte_eth_udpv6_flow  udp6_flow;
	struct rte_eth_tcpv6_flow  tcp6_flow;
	struct rte_eth_sctpv6_flow sctp6_flow;
	struct rte_eth_ipv6_flow   ipv6_flow;
	struct rte_eth_mac_vlan_flow mac_vlan_flow;
	struct rte_eth_tunnel_flow   tunnel_flow;
+	uint8_t raw_pkt[80];

Then add mask item in rte_eth_fdir_input:

struct rte_eth_fdir_input {
	uint16_t flow_type;
	union rte_eth_fdir_flow flow;
+	union rte_eth_fdir_flow flow_mask;
	/**< Flow fields to match, dependent on flow_type */
	struct rte_eth_fdir_flow_ext flow_ext;
	/**< Additional fields to match */

Then the filter can be added just in a format of raw packet, it looks generic, and even other NIC can use this too.

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