[dpdk-dev] [PATCH 00/17] Update ixgbe base code

Thomas Monjalon thomas.monjalon at 6wind.com
Thu Jan 14 09:48:35 CET 2016

2015-11-20 15:17, Wenzhuo Lu:
> Note:
> Release note is not updated for the target of this patch is R2.3.
> Send these patchs in case someone may hit related issues on new
> platforms.

Please update the release notes now.

> Wenzhuo Lu (17):
>   ixgbe/base: update README
>   ixgbe/base: avoid needless PHY access on copper phys
>   ixgbe/base: do not wait for signature rule addition
>   ixgbe/base: use mvals values instead of defines
>   ixgbe/base: add Single-port Sage Pond device ID
>   ixgbe/base: remove driver config of KX4 PHY
>   ixgbe/base: add Flow Control Ethertype to ETQF filter list
>   ixgbe/base: add KR mode support
>   ixgbe/base: add flow director drop queue
>   ixgbe/base: check mac type for iosf and phy
>   ixgbe/base: configure x550 MDIO clock speed
>   ixgbe/base: fill at least min credits to a TC credit refills
>   ixgbe/base: support new thermal alarm
>   ixgbe/base: add new iXFI configuration helper function
>   ixgbe/base: prevent KR PHY reset in init
>   ixgbe/base: new defines for FW
>   ixgbe: add new device X550T1

Some titles have been reworded. Please try to advertise the scope
and the bug in the title instead of the deep technical solution.
Example: "fill at least min credits to a TC credit refills"
is replaced by "fix Tx hang in CEE mode".

Applied, thanks

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