[dpdk-dev] Sending and receiving on the same port at the same time, from different threads

Zoltan Kiss zoltan.kiss at linaro.org
Fri Jan 15 17:54:11 CET 2016


I've been asked this question, and I realized I'm not sure about the 
answer. In other words: can you call rte_eth_tx_burst() and 
rte_eth_tx_burst() on the same port at the same time from different 
threads? In theory it seems possible, as you still access different 
queues (an RX and a TX one), and at least taking a glance at ixgbe 
vector functions, they don't seem to use common resources while doing RX 
or TX. But I'm not sure that it's generally true, although I always 
assumed that it should be true. Have anyone seen a device where it 
wasn't true?



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