[dpdk-dev] Missing Outstanding Patches (By Me) In Patchwork

Matthew Hall mhall at mhcomputing.net
Wed Jan 20 06:33:45 CET 2016

I should have mentioned. I suspect it must be missing some variations of 
the PATCH subject line when it goes to pickup patches, as I am sending 
them using git send-email but they still don't appear inside of 
Patchwork. Or there is some way of deactivating or deleting which does 
not send me any notification, as I checked the date of the patches and 
my name and other such searches but nothing appears at all.

I should also point out that issues like this could be avoided if we had 
some more sophisticated ways of tracking and reviewing contributions 
available such at GitHub, ReviewBoard, etc. as Patchwork seems rather 
old and difficult to use from my experience with it so far.


On 1/19/16 9:20 PM, Matthew Hall wrote:
> I have some outstanding minor patches which do not appear in Patchwork
> anywhere I can see but the interface is also pretty confusing.
> Is there a way to find all patches by a person throughout time so I can
> see what happened to them and check why they are not listed and also not
> merged (that I am aware of anyway)?
> Sincerely,
> Matthew.

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