[dpdk-dev] Future Direction for rte_eth_stats_get()

Thomas Monjalon thomas.monjalon at 6wind.com
Fri Jan 22 15:44:02 CET 2016

2016-01-22 14:18, Tahhan, Maryam:
> So what can be enabled again in struct rte_eth_stats  from what was already there is the equivalent of: 
> * rx_length_errors
> * rx_crc_errors
> * rx_missed_errors - the deprecation notice was removed for this field.
> * multicast
> What should be added in to distinguish between errors and drops. struct rte_eth_stats :
>  * rx_errors
>  * tx_errors
> As for the detailed rx errors and tx errors I'm open to feedback from you folks as to what should go in and what is too detailed. These weren't in struct rte_eth_stats previously, they are available through xstats and are uniformly named across the drivers. Oliver + Harry any thoughts?
> David I assume you are looking for all the missing fields to be added?

They are not missing. They just not exactly match ones having a
long history in Linux kernel.
Please let's avoid to blindly mimic others without thinking
about modern needs.

> > > From: David Harton
> > > > Is there a reason the stats have been deprecated?  Why not keep
> > > > the stats in line with the standard linux practices such as
> > > > rtnl_link_stats64?

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