[dpdk-dev] Possible memory corruption due to incorrect DMA shutdown

George Prekas george.prekas at epfl.ch
Wed Nov 2 16:43:59 CET 2016

I have posted the following messages on users at dpdk.organd it seems that 
it was the wrong mailing list:



I also include the message here for convenience:

I can consistently reproduce this behavior following these steps:

On host A do:

$ sudo modprobe uio
$ sudo insmod ./build/kmod/igb_uio.ko
$ sudo python ./tools/dpdk_nic_bind.py --bind=igb_uio 0000:42:00.1
$ sudo ./build/app/testpmd -- --forward-mode=icmpecho

 From host B (which is on the same local network), do an arping to an 
arbitrary IP address C.C.C.C (that is in the same network and it doesn't 
belong to another host). DPDK will respond to any IP address. All you 
want is to populate host B's ARP cache. Then terminate DPDK and run the 
following Python program on host B:

import sys
import socket

A=sys.argv[3] * int(sys.argv[2])

for i in xrange(10000):
   sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET,socket.SOCK_DGRAM)
   sock.sendto(A, (sys.argv[1], 1))


$ python go.py C.C.C.C 28 prekageo_was_here_

Then go back to host A and use the physical memory grep tool that you 
can find here https://github.com/prekageo/allmemscan

$ make
$ sudo insmod allmem.ko
$ sudo ./allmemscan 28 prekageo_was_here


$ sudo dd if=/dev/allmem bs=4K skip=PAGE count=1 | hexdump -C | less

On 11/03/2016 19:41, George Prekas wrote:
> Hi. I've been using DPDK for a research project 
> (https://www.usenix.org/conference/osdi14/technical-sessions/presentation/belay) 
> for over 2 years and I'd like to report a behavior that puzzles me 
> using DPDK.
> The behavior leads to memory corruption and is caused by the incorrect 
> shutdown of DMA. I can reproduce it after executing the following steps:
> $ sudo modprobe uio
> $ sudo insmod ./build/kmod/igb_uio.ko
> $ sudo python ./tools/dpdk_nic_bind.py --bind=igb_uio 0000:42:00.1
> $ sudo ./build/app/testpmd -- --forward-mode=icmpecho
> Then I terminate the DPDK program (after populating the ARP cache of 
> another host on the local network). After this, I can send UDP packets 
> to the host and can observe their payload in host memory. Clearly, 
> network packets are arriving to the network card and are written to 
> RAM after DPDK has finished executing.
> Am I doing something wrong? Is this behavior expected?
> Regards,
> George

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