[dpdk-dev] [PATCH] ethdev: fix statistics description

Remy Horton remy.horton at intel.com
Thu Nov 3 03:00:37 CET 2016

On 02/11/2016 17:07, Mcnamara, John wrote:
> Perhaps we could an API that returns a struct, or otherwise, that
> indicated what stats are returned by a PMD. An application that
> required stats could call it once to establish what stats were
> available. It would have to be done in some way that wouldn't break
> ABI every time a new stat was added.
> Harry, Remy, how would this fit in with the existing stats scheme or
> the new metrics library.

At the moment xstats (rte_eth_xstats_get()) pulls stuff out of 
rte_eth_stats and reports them unconditionally alongside all the 
driver-specific xstats. This could change so that it only reports the 
(legacy) stats the PMDs actually fills in.

Personally in the longer term I think xstats should get all the info it 
requires directly rather than relying on the legacy stats for some of 
its info, but that would involve pushing a lot of common code into the 


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