[dpdk-dev] [dpdk-moving] Draft Project Charter

Matt Spencer Matt.Spencer at arm.com
Tue Nov 8 19:18:23 CET 2016

I think we need a discussion about the levels of membership - possibly at next weeks meeting?

My feeling is that we need more than one level

  - One to enable contribution of hardware to the lab, as the lab will add cost to the overall project budget

  - A second to enable contribution to the marketing aspects of the project and to allow association for marketing purposes

Calling these Gold and Silver is fine with me, but as I say, lets discuss this at next weeks meeting.


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> Tim,
> Thanks for your draft, but it is not a good proposal. It is not written
> in the spirit that we have discussed in Dublin:
>    - you create the status of "Gold" members that we do not want from
> Linux Foundation,

As I said in the email, I put in two levels of membership as a placeholder. The first thing we need to decide is if we want to have a budget and membership, or if we want the OVS model with 0 budget and no membership. We can discuss that at today's meeting.

If we do want a membership model then we'll need to decide if everybody contributes at the same rate or if we support multiple levels. So, for now, the text on having two levels is just an example to show what a membership model might look like.

>    - you start with "DPDK's first $1,000,000", it is far from the $O
> that we agreed based on OVS model.

That's just standard text that I see in all the LF charters. It's even in the OVS charter (http://openvswitch.org/charter/charter.pdf) even though they have 0 budget. I assumed it's standard text for the LF. I'm sure Mike Dolan can clarify.

> Please, explain why you did change it?
> Thank you,
>    Vincent
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