[dpdk-dev] disable hugepages

Olivier Matz olivier.matz at 6wind.com
Thu Nov 10 14:34:23 CET 2016

On 11/10/2016 02:10 PM, Wiles, Keith wrote:
>> On Nov 10, 2016, at 6:32 AM, Keren Hochman <keren.hochman at lightcyber.com> wrote:
>> I tried using the following dpdk options:
>> --no-huge --vdev eth_pcap0 ,rx_pcap=/t1,tx_pcap=/t2
>> *It's worked but the number of elements is limited, although the machine
>> has enough free memory. *rte_mempool_create is failed when I'm trying to
>> allocate more memory. Is there any limitation on the memory beside the
>> machine?
> DPDK will just use the standard linux memory allocator, so no limitation in DPDK. Now you could be hitting the limit as a user, need to check your system to make sure you can allocate that much memory to a user. Try using the command ulimit and see what it reports.
> I do not remember exactly how to change limits except with ulimit command. I may have modified /etc/security/limits.conf file.

I don't think it's a ulimit issue.
Actually, the memory is reserved once at startup. The -m EAL
option allows to specify the amount of memory allocated:

  -m MB               Memory to allocate (see also --socket-mem)

So I guess setting it to an higher value (256?) would do the job.


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