[dpdk-dev] [dpdk-announce] DPDK 16.11 released

Liu, Yong yong.liu at intel.com
Tue Nov 15 02:46:57 CET 2016

Thomas, it's great to hear that DPDK16.11 released just in time.
As prospect for 17.02, our intel validation team have some concern about the release date.
The official day off for Chinese Sprint Festival holiday will be from 27th Jan to 3th Feb.
Most of our members may ask for more days leave either before or after the official day off.
>From our previous experience, it will take 3~4 weeks to do the full function and performance test.
If the first candidate release in the middle of Jan, we can do first round of validation and raise issues to developers.
And after the holiday, we can keep on the validation process and finish in two weeks.
If release date is after Feb, it will be hard for us to cover all cases in release window.


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> The new features for the 17.02 cycle must be submitted before December 4.
> There is a long list of expected works:
> 	http://dpdk.org/dev/roadmap
> It means we will have a huge workload to properly review all the new stuff
> before the end of the year. Do not forget to help reviewing patches from
> others if we want to have a chance to integrate everything in time.
> Thanks everyone

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