[dpdk-dev] [PATCH 00/22] Generic flow API (rte_flow)

Adrien Mazarguil adrien.mazarguil at 6wind.com
Wed Nov 16 17:23:26 CET 2016

As previously discussed in RFC v1 [1], RFC v2 [2], with changes
described in [3] (also pasted below), here is the first non-draft series
for this new API.

Its capabilities are so generic that its name had to be vague, it may be
called "Generic flow API", "Generic flow interface" (possibly shortened
as "GFI") to refer to the name of the new filter type, or "rte_flow" from
the prefix used for its public symbols. I personally favor the latter.

While it is currently meant to supersede existing filter types in order for
all PMDs to expose a common filtering/classification interface, it may
eventually evolve to cover the following ideas as well:

- Rx/Tx offloads configuration through automatic offloads for specific
  packets, e.g. performing checksum on TCP packets could be expressed with
  an egress rule with a TCP pattern and a kind of checksum action.

- RSS configuration (already defined actually). Could be global or per rule
  depending on hardware capabilities.

- Switching configuration for devices with many physical ports; rules doing
  both ingress and egress could even be used to completely bypass software
  if supported by hardware.

 [1] http://dpdk.org/ml/archives/dev/2016-July/043365.html
 [2] http://dpdk.org/ml/archives/dev/2016-August/045383.html
 [3] http://dpdk.org/ml/archives/dev/2016-November/050044.html

Changes since RFC v2:

- New separate VLAN pattern item (previously part of the ETH definition),
  found to be much more convenient.

- Removed useless "any" field from VF pattern item, the same effect can be
  achieved by not providing a specification structure.

- Replaced bit-fields from the VXLAN pattern item to avoid endianness
  conversion issues on 24-bit fields.

- Updated struct rte_flow_item with a new "last" field to create inclusive
  ranges. They are defined as the interval between (spec & mask) and
  (last & mask). All three parameters are optional.

- Renamed ID action MARK.

- Renamed "queue" fields in actions QUEUE and DUP to "index".

- "rss_conf" field in RSS action is now const.

- VF action now uses a 32 bit ID like its pattern item counterpart.

- Removed redundant struct rte_flow_pattern, API functions now expect
  rte_flow_item lists terminated by END items.

- Replaced struct rte_flow_actions for the same reason, with struct
  rte_flow_action lists terminated by END actions.

- Error types (enum rte_flow_error_type) have been updated and the cause
  pointer in struct rte_flow_error is now const.

- Function prototypes (rte_flow_create, rte_flow_validate) have also been
  updated for clarity.


- Public wrapper functions rte_flow_{validate|create|destroy|flush|query}
  are now implemented in rte_flow.c, with their symbols exported and
  versioned. Related filter type RTE_ETH_FILTER_GENERIC has been added.

- A separate header (rte_flow_driver.h) has been added for driver-side
  functionality, in particular struct rte_flow_ops which contains PMD
  callbacks returned by RTE_ETH_FILTER_GENERIC query.

- testpmd now exposes most of this API through the new "flow" command.

What remains to be done:

- Using endian-aware integer types (rte_beX_t) where necessary for clarity.

- API documentation (based on RFC).

- testpmd flow command documentation (although context-aware command
  completion should already help quite a bit in this regard).

- A few pattern item / action properties cannot be configured yet
  (e.g. rss_conf parameter for RSS action) and a few completions
  (e.g. possible queue IDs) should be added.

Adrien Mazarguil (22):
  ethdev: introduce generic flow API
  cmdline: add support for dynamic tokens
  cmdline: add alignment constraint
  app/testpmd: implement basic support for rte_flow
  app/testpmd: add flow command
  app/testpmd: add rte_flow integer support
  app/testpmd: add flow list command
  app/testpmd: add flow flush command
  app/testpmd: add flow destroy command
  app/testpmd: add flow validate/create commands
  app/testpmd: add flow query command
  app/testpmd: add rte_flow item spec handler
  app/testpmd: add rte_flow item spec prefix length
  app/testpmd: add rte_flow bit-field support
  app/testpmd: add item any to flow command
  app/testpmd: add various items to flow command
  app/testpmd: add item raw to flow command
  app/testpmd: add items eth/vlan to flow command
  app/testpmd: add items ipv4/ipv6 to flow command
  app/testpmd: add L4 items to flow command
  app/testpmd: add various actions to flow command
  app/testpmd: add queue actions to flow command

 MAINTAINERS                            |    4 +
 app/test-pmd/Makefile                  |    1 +
 app/test-pmd/cmdline.c                 |   32 +
 app/test-pmd/cmdline_flow.c            | 2581 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 app/test-pmd/config.c                  |  484 +++++
 app/test-pmd/csumonly.c                |    1 +
 app/test-pmd/flowgen.c                 |    1 +
 app/test-pmd/icmpecho.c                |    1 +
 app/test-pmd/ieee1588fwd.c             |    1 +
 app/test-pmd/iofwd.c                   |    1 +
 app/test-pmd/macfwd.c                  |    1 +
 app/test-pmd/macswap.c                 |    1 +
 app/test-pmd/parameters.c              |    1 +
 app/test-pmd/rxonly.c                  |    1 +
 app/test-pmd/testpmd.c                 |    6 +
 app/test-pmd/testpmd.h                 |   27 +
 app/test-pmd/txonly.c                  |    1 +
 lib/librte_cmdline/cmdline_parse.c     |   67 +-
 lib/librte_cmdline/cmdline_parse.h     |   21 +
 lib/librte_ether/Makefile              |    3 +
 lib/librte_ether/rte_eth_ctrl.h        |    1 +
 lib/librte_ether/rte_ether_version.map |   10 +
 lib/librte_ether/rte_flow.c            |  159 ++
 lib/librte_ether/rte_flow.h            |  947 ++++++++++
 lib/librte_ether/rte_flow_driver.h     |  177 ++
 25 files changed, 4521 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 app/test-pmd/cmdline_flow.c
 create mode 100644 lib/librte_ether/rte_flow.c
 create mode 100644 lib/librte_ether/rte_flow.h
 create mode 100644 lib/librte_ether/rte_flow_driver.h


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