[dpdk-dev] 16.07.2 stable patches review and test

Yuanhan Liu yuanhan.liu at linux.intel.com
Mon Nov 21 14:05:07 CET 2016

Hi all,

Here is a list of patches targeted for 16.07.2 release. Please help
reviewing and testing. The planned date for the final release is 30th,
Nov. Before that, please shout if anyone has objections with these
patches being applied, or if I missed some important fixes.

These patches are located at branch 16.07 of dpdk-stable repo:

Please also be noted that this would be the last stable release for 16.07.



Adrien Mazarguil (1):
      net/mlx5: fix Rx VLAN offload capability report

Ajit Khaparde (1):
      net/bnxt: fix crash when closing

Beilei Xing (1):
      net/i40e: fix floating VEB

Bernard Iremonger (1):
      app/testpmd: fix DCB configuration

David Marchand (1):
      ethdev: fix vendor id in debug message

E. Scott Daniels (1):
      ethdev: prevent duplicate event callback

Eric Kinzie (1):
      net/bonding: validate speed after link up

Ferruh Yigit (4):
      net/ring: fix ring device creation via devargs
      net/bnx2x: fix build with icc
      kni: fix build with kernel 4.8
      kni: fix build with kernel 4.9

Gowrishankar Muthukrishnan (1):
      examples/ip_pipeline: fix plugin loading

Igor Ryzhov (1):
      pci: fix probing error if no driver found

Jasvinder Singh (1):
      examples/qos_sched: fix dequeue from ring

Jeff Guo (1):
      net/i40e: fix hash filter on X722

Jianbo Liu (2):
      eal/arm: fix file descriptor leak when getting CPU features
      eal/ppc: fix file descriptor leak when getting CPU features

Jingjing Wu (2):
      net/i40e: fix DCB configuration
      doc: add limitations for i40e PMD

John Daley (5):
      net/enic: fix flow director
      net/enic: fix crash with removed flow director filters
      net/enic: fix multi-queue Rx performance
      net/enic: fix crash on MTU update or Rx queue reconfigure
      net/enic: fix max packet length check

John W. Linville (4):
      net/ena: improve safety of string handling
      net/bnxt: ensure entry length is unsigned
      net/i40e: do not use VSI before NULL check
      net/bnxt: fix bit shift size

Kamil Rytarowski (1):
      net/thunderx: fix Tx checksum handling

Michael Qiu (2):
      examples/tep_term: fix L4 length
      examples/tep_term: fix packet length with multi-segments

Mohammad Abdul Awal (1):
      app/testpmd: fix RSS hash key size

Nelio Laranjeiro (1):
      net/mlx5: fix Rx checksum macros

Nelson Escobar (3):
      net/enic: revert truncated packets counter fix
      net/enic: document how to configure vNIC parameters
      net/enic: fix Rx queue index when not using Rx scatter

Nipun Gupta (1):
      mempool: fix leak if populate fails

Nélio Laranjeiro (7):
      net/mlx5: fix Rx function selection
      net/mlx5: fix hash key size retrieval
      net/mlx5: support Mellanox OFED 3.4
      net/mlx5: re-factorize functions
      net/mlx5: fix inline logic
      net/mlx5: fix link speed capability information
      net/mlx5: fix support for newer link speeds

Olga Shern (1):
      net/mlx5: fix link status report

Olivier Gournet (1):
      net/mlx5: fix initialization in secondary process

Pablo de Lara (3):
      app/test: fix hash multiwriter sequence
      hash: fix unlimited cuckoo path
      hash: fix bucket size usage

Piotr Azarewicz (1):
      examples/l2fwd-crypto: fix verify with decrypt in chain

Qi Zhang (4):
      net/ixgbe: fix out of order Rx read
      net/fm10k: fix out of order Rx read
      net/i40e: fix Rx hang when disable LLDP
      net/i40e: fix out of order Rx read

Qiming Yang (2):
      net/i40e: fix link status change interrupt
      net/i40e: fix VF bonded device link down

Rasesh Mody (3):
      net/bnx2x: fix maximum PF queues
      net/bnx2x: fix socket id for slowpath memory
      net/qede/base: fix 32-bit build

Raslan Darawsheh (2):
      net/mlx5: fix removing VLAN filter
      net/mlx5: fix handling of small mbuf sizes

Reshma Pattan (2):
      pdump: fix created directory permissions
      app/procinfo: free xstats memory upon failure

Sagi Grimberg (1):
      net/mlx5: fix possible NULL dereference in Rx path

Sergio Gonzalez Monroy (1):
      examples/ipsec-secgw: check SP only when setup

Wei Dai (3):
      lpm: fix freeing unused sub-table on rule delete
      mempool: fix search of maximum contiguous pages
      lpm: fix freeing memory

Wenzhuo Lu (6):
      app/testpmd: fix DCB configuration
      app/testpmd: fix PF/VF check of flow director
      net/ixgbe: fix flow director mask
      app/testpmd: fix flow director mask
      app/testpmd: fix flow director endianness
      net/ixgbe: fix VF registers

Xiao Wang (2):
      net/fm10k: fix Rx checksum flags
      net/fm10k: fix VF Tx queue initialization

Yaacov Hazan (3):
      net/mlx5: fix inconsistent return value in flow director
      net/mlx5: refactor allocation of flow director queues
      net/mlx5: fix flow director drop mode

Yong Wang (1):
      net/vmxnet3: fix mbuf release on reset/stop

Yuanhan Liu (1):
      net/virtio: revert fix restart

Zhihong Wang (1):
      vhost: fix Windows VM hang

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