[dpdk-dev] [PATCH] mempool: fix Api documentation

Olivier Matz olivier.matz at 6wind.com
Tue Nov 22 11:04:58 CET 2016

A previous commit changed the local_cache table into a
pointer, reducing the size of the rte_mempool structure.

Fix the API comment of rte_mempool_create() related to
this modification.

Fixes: 213af31e0960 ("mempool: reduce structure size if no cache needed")

Signed-off-by: Olivier Matz <olivier.matz at 6wind.com>
 lib/librte_mempool/rte_mempool.h | 4 +---
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/lib/librte_mempool/rte_mempool.h b/lib/librte_mempool/rte_mempool.h
index 440f3b1..956ce04 100644
--- a/lib/librte_mempool/rte_mempool.h
+++ b/lib/librte_mempool/rte_mempool.h
@@ -610,9 +610,7 @@ typedef void (rte_mempool_ctor_t)(struct rte_mempool *, void *);
  *   never be used. The access to the per-lcore table is of course
  *   faster than the multi-producer/consumer pool. The cache can be
  *   disabled if the cache_size argument is set to 0; it can be useful to
- *   avoid losing objects in cache. Note that even if not used, the
- *   memory space for cache is always reserved in a mempool structure,
- *   except if CONFIG_RTE_MEMPOOL_CACHE_MAX_SIZE is set to 0.
+ *   avoid losing objects in cache.
  * @param private_data_size
  *   The size of the private data appended after the mempool
  *   structure. This is useful for storing some private data after the

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