[dpdk-dev] Improved PCI hotplug support

Ben Walker benjamin.walker at intel.com
Wed Nov 23 20:36:37 CET 2016

This series of patches adds support for PCI hot insert and remove.
Detection of new devices or removed devices is accomplished by
polling rte_eal_pci_probe, with the registered PCI drivers being
loaded or unloaded when a new device is found or previously known
device is removed.

There are some additional considerations for hotplug that this
patch does not address. Full hotplug support actually consists of
three operations:

1) Hot insert. This patch series does correctly handle this case.
2) Planned hot remove. This patch series can also handle this case
        because the user can explicitly unload the driver prior to
3) Surprise hot remove. If a driver is loaded and active, a SIGBUS
        may occur on the next access to a memory mapped region.
        This is currently NOT handled by this patch series.

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