[dpdk-dev] [RFC 1/2] doc: add doc with steps to build PMD and run testpmd

Mcnamara, John john.mcnamara at intel.com
Sun Apr 2 14:11:05 CEST 2017

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> Subject: [dpdk-dev] [RFC 1/2] doc: add doc with steps to build PMD and run
> testpmd
> Add a new document with steps to build PMDs and launch a sample test
> application, "testpmd". It can be included in other PMD documentations or
> be referred.

Good idea. Nice addition. Some minor comments below.

> Suggested-by: Ferruh Yigit <ferruh.yigit at intel.com>
> Signed-off-by: Shijith Thotton <shijith.thotton at caviumnetworks.com>
> ---
>  doc/guides/nics/build_and_run.inc | 110

I think that this should be an rst doc that is included in the index
file for the nics dir. It should be included right after the overview
in the index.

> +.. _pmd_build_and_run:

If this doc is included in the index then it needs a better first section
title. Something like "Compiling and testing a PMD for a NIC".

Then it should have a short introduction like:

    This section demonstrates how to compile and run a Poll Mode Driver
    (PMD) for the available Network Interface Cards in DPDK using TestPMD.

    TestPMD is one of the reference applications distributed with the
    DPDK. Its main purpose is to forward packets between Ethernet
    ports on a network interface and as such is the best way to test
    a PMD.

It would be good to add a link to the TestPMD into docs but it doesn't have a 
target. We should probably add one (it maybe be possible to link to the RST
file but that syntax isn't generally preferred).

> +
> +Driver Compilation
> +------------------

This and the next sections should then become second level headings

> +
> +To compile PMD for Linux x86_64 gcc target, run the following "make"
> command:

s/PMD/a PMD/

Also add at the end of this line or after the command:

    This command will also automatically build testpmd.

> +
> +.. code-block:: console
> +
> +   cd <DPDK-source-directory>
> +   make install T=x86_64-native-linuxapp-gcc
> +
> +FreeBSD targets should use "gmake" command instead of "make".
> +
> +For more information, refer :ref:`Getting Started Guide for Linux
> +<linux_gsg>` or :ref:`Getting Started Guide for FreeBSD <freebsd_gsg>`
> depending on your platform.

s/refer/refer to the/

> +Running testpmd in Linux
> +------------------------
> +

> +This section demonstrates how to launch ``testpmd`` in Linux.

s/launch/setup and run/

> +#. Start ``testpmd`` with basic parameters:
> +
> +   .. code-block:: console
> +
> +      ./x86_64-native-linuxapp-gcc/app/testpmd -c 0xf -n 4 -- -i

We recently changed the docs to use "-l" instead of "-c". Can you make
that change here as well.



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