[dpdk-dev] [PATCH] config: compile avp driver only on intel 64 bit

Legacy, Allain Allain.Legacy at windriver.com
Tue Apr 4 19:17:03 CEST 2017

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> From: Ferruh Yigit [mailto:ferruh.yigit at intel.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2017 1:12 PM
> Right now compiler config files only have compiler and architecture configs,
> although it is OK to update them, to be consistent with what other PMDs did,
> what do you think:
> Keep AVP config enabled in "common_linuxapp"
> Disable AVP in following configs:
> defconfig_arm64-armv8a-linuxapp-gcc
> defconfig_arm-armv7a-linuxapp-gcc
> defconfig_ppc_64-power8-linuxapp-gcc

If that is your preference I can update the patch but either way a compiler config file is going to be changed.   I did it the current way so that if a new architecture came along that they would not need to know to set AVP=n in their file. 

Do you still want me to align to your suggestion? 

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