[dpdk-dev] "Cannot configure device: err=-16" resource busy error on running dpdk applications

Nidhia Varghese nidhiavarghese93 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 14:13:02 CEST 2017


I was trying to run l2fwd and ip_pipeline example programs. But I am
getting the following error.

./build/app/l2fwd -c 0x3 --vdev=eth_af_packet0,iface=eno4
--vdev=eth_af_packet1,iface=eno3 -- -p 0x3
EAL: Detected 32 lcore(s)
EAL: Probing VFIO support...
PMD: Initializing pmd_af_packet for eth_af_packet0
PMD: eth_af_packet0: AF_PACKET MMAP parameters:
PMD: eth_af_packet0:    block size 4096
PMD: eth_af_packet0:    block count 256
PMD: eth_af_packet0:    frame size 2048
PMD: eth_af_packet0:    frame count 512
PMD: eth_af_packet0: creating AF_PACKET-backed ethdev on numa socket 0
PMD: Initializing pmd_af_packet for eth_af_packet1
PMD: eth_af_packet1: AF_PACKET MMAP parameters:
PMD: eth_af_packet1:    block size 4096
PMD: eth_af_packet1:    block count 256
PMD: eth_af_packet1:    frame size 2048
PMD: eth_af_packet1:    frame count 512
PMD: eth_af_packet1: creating AF_PACKET-backed ethdev on numa socket 0
PMD: bnxt_rte_pmd_init() called for (null)
Lcore 0: RX port 0
Lcore 1: RX port 1
Initializing port 0... EAL: Error - exiting with code: 1
  Cause: Cannot configure device: err=-16, port=0

IHow can I solve this issue?

Thanks for your reply and help.


Nidhia Varghese

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