[dpdk-dev] [dpdk-announce] features review and integration for 18.02

Thomas Monjalon thomas at monjalon.net
Fri Dec 1 15:44:43 CET 2017

Reminder of the planning for the release 18.02:
	- Proposal deadline: November 30, 2017
	- Integration deadline: January 10, 2018
	- Release: February 5, 2018

The proposal period is now over.
It is time to focus on proposals which were done.
It means everybody should review details and comment the ideas,
before they are integrated for 18.02.

In order to help your patches being reviewed, you should make sure
that the maintainers of the code are the recipients of the patches.
Otherwise you can add them while asking for comments.
You can use the file MAINTAINERS or the tool devtools/get-maintainer.sh.

Then the maintainers of the code are responsible to make sure the patches
are well reviewed. Everybody can help giving some comments.

At the end, the git tree maintainers (also called committers) will be
responsible to integrate the patches on time.

More details on the process:

Do not hesitate to ping when progress is too slow,
and to help making progress on reviewing your peers.

Collaboration is the key to succeed.
Thank you

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