[dpdk-dev] DPDK Amazon AWS ENA driver problem with ping

Jordan Rhody jordan at velocloud.net
Mon Dec 4 23:11:43 CET 2017


I have been testing the DPDK ENA driver and am hoping that someone can help
in assisting an observation I have.

Using the DPDK ENA driver, I can send a ping request/reply from client A to
client B through an Edge device running DPDK.

However, the ping request that I observe always contains a '0xffff' for the
sequence id of the icmp request:

Internet Control Message Protocol
    Type: 8 (Echo (ping) request)
    Code: 0
    Checksum: 0xf9a1 incorrect, should be 0xfa8c
    [Checksum Status: Bad]                         <--- checksum is
original and unmodified
    Identifier (BE): 2385 (0x0951)
    Identifier (LE): 20745 (0x5109)
    Sequence number (BE): 65535 (0xffff)    <--- here
    Sequence number (LE): 65535 (0xffff)    <--- here
    [No response seen]
    Timestamp from icmp data: Nov 21, 2017 16:41:20.000000000 PST
    [Timestamp from icmp data (relative): 1.042436000 seconds]
    Data (48 bytes)
        Data: 612d0f0000000000101112131415161718191a1b1c1d1e1f...
        [Length: 48]

I have traced the packet to the entry point of eth_ena_xmit_pkts( ) and it
does *not* have sequence id 0xffff.  The sequence id seems sane and valid
at that point.

Turning off DPDK and using the Linux Amazon AWS ENA driver yields no
problems at all.  ping request/reply works without a problem.  As an aside,
this same code works for the DPDK igb, ixgbe and virtio driver.

I have patched the DPDK ENA driver with all patches through DPDK 17.05 to
no avail and with the same results.

Question -- the basic: Could there be something 'wrong' with my AWS network
interface with regard to setup, perhaps something that may be obvious to
other folks more familiar with AWS?

If not, has anyone else experienced problems with DPDK AWS ENA driver?

Are there any possible patches out there that have not been commit to the
git repo that may fix this particular issue?

Thanks in advance,

Jordan Rhode

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